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Accessories for Vibrating Feeders

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The vibrating feeders can also be equipped with accessories that round off the service.
In the case of request for independent vibrators, these can be sold on stands.
The stands supplied by Ozaf are made entirely of stainless steel and can be of various kinds. They can be fixed, depending on the height of product discharge required, or can be adjustable - either manually using a hand-wheel or with power-assisted height adjustment.

For installations in sterile environments, we have also developed an adjustable height version designed in telescopic format so as to cover the screws and restrict the possibility of contamination. In the case that the vibrating feeders have to process articles that are particularly noisy as a result of shape and type of material, Ozaf can supply sound absorbers that reduce the noise generated by the product inside the vibrating container. The sound absorbers too are made in stainless steel, with sound-absorbing material inside.


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