O.ZA.F. Srl - Mechanical Automation

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For over 50 years now leaders in the sector of orientation and pre-feeding systems for the most varied types of product, such as bottles, caps of all kinds, dosage spoons, cannulae, syringes, lens holders, brushes and pipettes for cosmetics, mechanics and chemistry.

For the pharmaceutical sector, we are now more specialised than ever in producing and offering a product that is constantly in step with ongoing technological evolution and with the highest standard of finishes for all applications in sterile ambits.

We are in a position to supply immediate assistance all over the world, with specialised personnel who can resolve all the end customerís problems as rapidly as possible.

The company is made up of young and dynamic personnel, who nevertheless have years of experience in the sector, which enables us to keep pace with the times even in technological terms.

Our technical choices have never been aimed at reducing costs at the expense of quality, and this is an aspect that all our (numerous) customers are certainly aware of, having used our machinery for 10, 15 or even 20 years without ever having had to carry out extraordinary maintenance.

We test our machines for hours and hours before delivering them, so that they are immediately ready to set to work as soon as they are installed.

An array of components that create a synergy targeted at the supply of products with one crucial characteristic: QUALITY.

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