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Flex Series

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The RO FLEX unscrambler is based on the philosophy of the standard unscrambler combined with a system for orientation of the mechanical feeders. This type of machine is conquering an ever-larger share of the market in view of its two major strong points. First, the extreme versatility and simplicity of use provided by the possibility of processing OVAL, CYLINDRICAL and SQUARE bottles, of sizes ranging from a minimum diameter of 20 mm up to a maximum of 75 mm and a maximum height of 175 mm, without having to perform FORMAT CHANGES, by instead simply regulating the output belts and selecting the format on the display. Second, the fact that it does not utilise COMPRESSED AIR. This feature means not only that it can be used in the sphere of pharmaceutical production, but also allows the company to save the costs connected with the use of this form of energy, an aspect that is frequently undervalued. The range of models comprises the RO800 FLEX and the RO1200 FLEX, designed to meet the different production speed demands of various customers. Clearly, like our standard unscramblers, the FLEX models too can be combined with our systems for bottle-tipping and orientation and with the suction and blower devices.

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