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From an artisan enterprise originally founded in 1950, Ozaf Srl has developed into a large company, still young and dynamic, that supplies customised automated machinery for the orientation and feed of various types of articles – caps, bottles, syringes and mechanical components - on industrial production lines. Specialised in vibrating feeder and orientation systems, and leader in this sector with a know-how built up over almost 60 years of experience and tireless ongoing research, Ozaf is the ideal partner for the automation of filling lines.Combining design and engineering skills with high-potential technology, Ozaf penetrates numerous sectors, from the small producers to the multinationals. For decades it has collaborated all over the world with some of the most prestigious international brands, including L’Oréal, Schering Plough, Roche, Procter & Gamble, GSK and Christian Dior.

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