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The O.ZA.F. range of unscramblers makes it possible to work with the most varied types of bottle. The versatility of the unscrambler with rapid format change studied by O.ZA.F. and fine-tuned over years of experience in the sector of industrial automation - means that one or more bottle formats can be sorted using the same machine. The O.ZA.F. unscrambler is designed to serve filling machines, screen printing machines and labelling machines, guaranteeing a constant feed and orientation of the bottles. On exit the machine can be combined with devices for orientation of the bottle-neck or screen-printed part, or with a blower. The normal combination with our pre-loading elevators ensures a constant flow of bottles to the selection disc and reduces operator intervention. Even unstable bottles can be fed, with positioning and transport in pucks, complete with the respective belts for empty puck recycling. The O.ZA.F. unscramblers are particularly well suited for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, in view of the excellent finish and the attentive selection of the construction materials.

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