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Vibrating feeder for sterile area

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The experience acquired over the years in a vast number of applications has made O.ZA.F. the market leader in the sector of vibrating feeders.sterile systems, over the years we have developed expedients that are increasingly more targeted at reducing the possibility of contamination of the parts, and facilitating the cleaning and sterilisation operations. These solutions include placing the coupling between the vibrating base and the container on the outside, in an area not in contact with the product, using slots instead of boxed parts that can harbour liquid or dirt. Finishes of the feeders for sterile production are carefully designed to eliminate surfaces where contaminants might accumulate.

Also available are vibrating bases where the container is coupled using a suction system, thus eliminating all mechanical operations in the case of sterilisation or format change. The vibrating container is attached and released from the base simply by pressing a button.

As an alternative to the base with suction coupling, there is now a new base with power-assisted coupling that has been developed for sterile environments. This is controlled by a simple board that activates the automatic locking of the container to the base. The advantages are an enhanced clamping strength for a perfect transmission of the vibrations, and no effort required on the part of the operators. For applications under laminar flow we have developed containers made of specially pierced plate so as to permit the flow of air from above, while maintaining the plate solid in the vicinity of the weldings, guaranteeing greater stability to the welded parts and less possibility of contamination. Ozaf can also supply vibrating bases with components in stainless steel, thus ensuring greater resistance to any possible residue of sterilisation liquids.


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