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Vibrating Feeders

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The experience acquired over the years in a vast number of applications has made O.ZA.F. the market leader in the sector of vibrating feeders. The production range we offer can meet all customers’ requirements for orienting a range of products of the most varied materials and shapes. Tried and tested experience enables O.ZA.F. to guarantee the selection of the output product in the desired position, with constant feed, especially when the products are loaded using our vibrating hoppers.
The vibrating feeders are produced with conical or cylindrical bowls, depending on the orientation demands.
For very noisy products, soundproofing hoods can be supplied.
Our vibrating feeders can be used in a range of sectors - cosmetic, mechanical, chemical and industrial – as well as in the pharmaceutical sector.

For sterile systems, over the years we have developed expedients that are increasingly more targeted at reducing the possibility of contamination of the parts, and facilitating the cleaning and sterilisation operations. These solutions include placing the coupling between the vibrating base and the container on the outside, in an area not in contact with the product, using slots instead of boxed parts that can harbour liquid or dirt, as well as vibrating bases with power-assisted or suction coupling to simplify the dismantling of the vibrating container.

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