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Vibrating Hoppers

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The preloading devices are used to serve all the O.ZA.F feeders, boosting their functionality and autonomy. The articles to be processed are loaded loose into the bowl and are gradually transferred to the machine, thus reducing operator intervention. These devices are made of stainless steel, but can at customerís request also be made in painted sheet metal.
They can also be fitted with photocell for control of the product level inside the bowl, with a light column device to assist the operator during the production process. The devices can be supplied with their own control panel, or can be connected to the electrical system of the user machine.
The finishes of this device are of optimal quality, designed to last.

Vibrating hoppers are built without belts. Vibrations move pieces.
Vibrating hopper are designed for pre-loading of small products, able to be placed inside small areas.
Hoppers can be mounted on pedestal, on customer's machine basement or on a support mounted directly on vibrating feeder pedestal to serve.

Sterile version of hoppers, is built in order to make possible disassembling parts in contact with product for sterilisation process.

Each belt hopper is tested for hours with the product to be treated so that it can be used in the production process immediately following delivery.

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